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Subservicing That Sets the New Standard

Bob Caruso, CEO of ServiceMac, gives his perspective about taking advantage of a heightened MSR purchase/transfer market.  Read the full MBA NewsLink article here.
Subservicing Transparency Supported by Superior Technology

ServiceMac® is a customer-centric company founded in 2017. Providing unmatched technology, customization of services, and superior customer support for both you and the borrower, we are one of the fastest-growing subservicers in the United States.

To meet the growing needs of our clients, ServiceMac® continually invests in its technology and expands its product set – recently adding a new HELOC subservicing rule set that was built from the ground up. The new digital HELOC solution provides the same transparency as our first- and second-mortgage offerings with 24/7 portfolio access, daily review of every loan against every rule, robust reporting, and a HELOC-specific proprietary rule set that ensures the ongoing compliance of the portfolio. With the addition of HELOC subservicing, ServiceMac now offers a complete subservicing solution.


Technology that Drives
Subservicing Innovation

Since existing technology lacked the functionality needed to meet current market needs, we built it. Our proprietary workflow platform has 1,900+ regulatory and quality rules we check every loan against every day to ensure we’re delivering exceptional service to customers and remaining compliant.


Transparency that Instills Confidence

A by-product of our technology is a database with 15,000+ loan-level data elements including all customer interactions. Clients have access to our real-time data to drive confidence their customers are receiving the level of service they deserve.


Announcing our new HELOC Subservicing Solution

ServiceMac’s new digital HELOC solution provides reliability, confidence, access, and more. Daily monitoring and a HELOC-specific proprietary rule set ensure the ongoing compliance of your portfolio. We run every rule, on every loan, every day. You can also validate portfolio compliance as needed with our system’s mock audit capabilities.


Providing Unmatched First- and Second-mortgage Subservicing

Setting the new subservicing standard, we are committed to our investment in technology enhancement, transparency, and compliance to deliver first-rate service for both you and your borrowers. Our data gives clients a better understanding of how they are performing, and provides complete transparency into all loan activities, assisting in decision-making and improving customer retention.

Technology that Protects Clients

Staying true to our commitment to perform at unprecedented levels and remain in compliance, we developed mock audit capabilities which mimic parts of regulatory and agency audit criteria and helps servicers monitor how they will perform during an audit.


Unmatched Customer Service that Improves Experience

When customers call, our U.S.-based customer service team is there to answer. The highly capable, well-trained team communicates real answers in a way customers can understand delivering unmatched customer service.



Superior Customer Service & Unprecedented Execution

ServiceMac is the fastest growing subservicer and we continue to carry on our commitment to set new standards in the industry. Built with the future in mind – scalable technology that focuses on improving the servicing workflow – we are committed to our investment in technology enhancement, transparency and compliance to deliver first-rate service to your customers.

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